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ALS - Quem somos

Who we are?

Tailor-made aviation and logistics solutions.

ALS, Aviation and Logistic Solutions is made up of a group of professionals who have been dedicated to operations and logistics for over 40 years in both the civil and military sectors.

In partnership with Chapman and Freeborn, we offer tailor-made air freight solutions for the transportation of passengers and cargo, with the flexibility to select the best aircraft and operators to meet your needs.

Among other accreditations, we are NATO SECRET and NATIONAL SECRET accredited by the National Security Office (GNS), which allows us to carry out some operations involving a certain degree of secrecy.

What we offer?

Specialized consultancy in aviation operations for transport of personnel and cargo as well as the support to other type of operations related to business aviation, aircraft leasing, flight support to air carriers and private operators and support in terms of special aviation operations.

We are always striving to reach the best services at a cost-effective rate. Finding better solutions is an ongoing process to guarantee the next level of efficiency and responsibility and by this, maintain our clients’ trust.

Along with our partners we can do the majority of air operations and air work such as cargo flights, OBC – On-board Courrier service, business aviation, aircraft leasing, group of personnel flights, support to aviation flights (overflight and landing permits, transfer, catering, fuel and lodging bookings, flight planning and route management) special aviation operations and Air Work support such as Aerial Photography and filming, Geophysical Surveying for Mineral Exploration, Oil and Gas Exploration, Environmental and Engineering purposes and Air Calibration and Certification of NAVAIDS.

ALS - Quem somos
ALS - Quem somos

What have we been doing in the past?

In our history we have managed hundreds of well succeeded operations such as transport of live animals for spectacles and for aquariums and museums such as bulls, horses, sharks, cod fishes, etc.

We also moved 12 million live trees from Brazil to Mozambique in what still is the most important worldwide operation of forestry support done by air.

For long time we have been present in logistics supporting Portuguese troops detached in support of International Organizations such as NATO and UN thus coordinating movements of deployment, sustainment and redeployment of forces and logistics for the theatres of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Baltic States, Romania, and Ukraine.

We do not “fly” alone

For the aviation business we work in close cooperation with Chapman Freeborn being its representative company in Portugal.

ALS - Quem somos
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