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We almost do the impossible now. Miracles may take more time…

There are no jobs that give more pleasure than those that allow saving human lives, contributing to peace and security and projects providing logistical support to those who are in need. To meet these objectives, we have often to operate in areas of high risk, in conditions of great unhealthiness and insecurity.

We have been for a long time where international organizations and people have needed us. In Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Gabon, Romania and many other geographies where it was necessary to implement special logistics operations.

In the end, we deliver not only a logistical project but retain for us the awareness of having fulfilled a duty.

ALS - Operações Especiais

We are especially able to offer services related to the following areas:

Forest logistics operations in the areas of air transport of seedlings, timber cutting, forwarding and preparation logs for maritime shipment

Logistics in catastrophe environment

Logistical support in areas of risk of war

Support for peace enforcement and peace keeping operation

Logistics in support of demining operations

Preparing and sustaining logistical areas in support of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations

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ALS - Operações Especiais
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